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LLC PUBLISHING CORP. has successfully published thousands of LLC’s in NY. To serve you, our Publishing Specialists can publish your entity in all 62 Counties and ensure compliance with the latest publishing requirements.

Our full service approach to LLC Publishing has made us an attractive partner for many Law Firms and Accounting Firms both locally and nationally.

Included in the cost of publishing is the following service

• Obtaining newspaper designations from the County Clerk.
• Preparation of ad in accordance with the state publishing requirements.
• Placing the ads in the designated newspapers.
• Advertising cost for weekly and daily newspaper.
• Affidavit of publication from weekly and daily newspaper.
• Preparation and filing of Certificate of Publication with Dept. of State Div. of Corporations.
• All filing fees associated with the Certificate of Publication.
• Original Filing Receipt from the Dept. of State Division of Corporations upon completion.

Our prices are all inclusive and the price you’re quoted includes everything!

Not all companies do the filing with the Dept. of State. They don’t want to take responsibility if the publishing gets rejected by the Dept. of State, (and they do). We guarantee all of our work.

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  Our staff is ready to help you form your LLC or Corporation
 NY LLC    $325.00*
 NY Corporation $260.00*
  *Price includes 24 Hour Rush Service.
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